Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is an exciting reading competition for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students.  Each school in SJCSD will select a team of 5 students to represent their school at the district battle in May.  In order to be a candidate for our school team, students must read a minimum of 10 current (SSYRA) books by March 2, 2018.  In March, Mrs. Gravatt will select and read random sentences from the SSYRA books to eligible students.  Students have 30 seconds to correctly identify the book and will receive one point for each correct answer.  There are three stages in our school team selection process:

Stage 1: Qualifying Round
In order to participate, students must read a minimum of 10 books.  Each round that follows will consist of 10 quotes and every correct answer earns the student one point.  At the end of the rounds, the number of books read will be added to their score.  A total of 35 points can be earned in this process.

Qualifying Round
Round 2 – 10 points possible
Round 3 – 10 points possible
Number of books read – 15 points possible
Total possible from classroom battle rounds = 35 points

Students advancing from Qualifying Round 1 will play individually in a grade level game.
Round 2: Semi-Finals
3rd Grade – March 12, 2018
4th Grade – March 13, 2018
5th Grade – March 14, 2018
Highest scoring students from this game will advance to Stage 3.

Round 3: Finals
March 15, 2018
Top students in each grade will play individually in a school level game.
Top 5 in this game will earn a spot on our school team.  

Stage 4:
 District Battle
The Ocean Palms school team will participate in the SJCSD Battle of the Books on May 8.