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Battle of the Books- Now in January!

Battle of the Books (School-Level) 2019-2020

Battle of the Books is an exciting voluntary reading competition for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students.  Each school selects a five student team plus two alternates to represent their school at the district battle.  In order to be a candidate for our school team, students must read a minimum of twelve of the fifteen current (SSYRA) books and make a passing book quiz score (70%) prior to the elimination rounds and team selection. The district battle rounds cover all fifteen books.  Interested students will have three hurdles to overcome in our tentative school team selection process:

Round 1: Qualifying and Grade Level Challenge

Although students qualify by reading only twelve of fifteen books, there is a definite advantage to reading all the books.  Any interested students meeting the reading requirement will participate in a grade level elimination to be held the first week of December.  Points will be tallied in this round- Five points for qualifying (5 pts), the book quiz (30 pts), A point for each book read (15 pts)- a total 50 points possible. Student challengers will be responsible to answer all quiz questions for all books whether they read all SSYRA books or not. The highest scoring students will move to round 2. Students advancing from Qualifying Grade Round 1 will play individually in a grade versus grade competition

Round 2: School Team Semi-Finals

The “Top Seven” rank scoring students in this round will earn a spot on our school team (5) + two alternates. Challengers in round 2 can earn up to 30 points added to their round 1 score. The highest scoring students will be selected for the school team- five team members plus two alternates. The Semi-finals will be held the week of December 9th.

Round 3: Student Team Takes on Teacher Team

The new team will take on the teachers December 16th from 9-10 am in the Ocean Palms Cafeteria!

Round 4: District-wide North Schools Battle

The selected Ocean Palms school team will win (think positive) the SJCSD Battle of the Books the morning of January 27th 2020 at the First Coast Technical College.