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About Us

Ocean Palms Elementary opened its doors to the students, families, and teachers of North East St. Johns County in 1996.   A mission statement was created that still lives on today. Simply put, our focus is the child.  At Ocean Palms, we consider each student as an individual by getting to know many of their personal aspects such as:

  • how he or she learns
  • what are his or her interests
  • what motivates him or her
  • in what environments has the student previously shown success
  • what are the academic successes and challenges that the child possesses

Compiling all this information provides us with a basis by which we create a child profile that enables our diverse and talented teaching staff to meet individual and specific needs of each student. Our goal is to foster each student’s academic potential while building their leadership skills and equipping them to become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens.

Throughout the school we emphasize three components that we feel lead to the success of the student. First, we believe that our relationships with you and your child sets the cornerstone of all success. Take a moment and remember back to the teacher you learned the best from, and I’m sure it was the teacher with whom you had the best relationship. That strong student-teacher bond is what we strive for every day. Secondly, we look at what makes each child an individual. We take many aspects into account such as what makes them who they are? What are their needs? How does their own unique way in which they approach their lives affect their learning? Lastly, we feel that we must have a faculty with expertise to meet those individual needs of each child.

Our teachers are all lifelong learners.  We continually strive to create learning environments that will prepare our students for the world they will face as adults, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  This rigorous and robust environment requires ongoing professional development and collaboration amongst our colleagues at the school, district, state, and national level.  We are a faculty that is committed to high standards of excellence, creativity, and implementing research-based best practices.

When you visit Ocean Palms you will have a remarkable experience observing students engaged in their learning, enthusiastic and caring teachers, and involved parents throughout the school. Our school is truly a place where each and every student is our focus, because at Ocean Palms Elementary, it all matters; everyday, everything, for everyone.