Staff Directory

Staff & Teachers 2018-2019

Tiffany Cantwell – Principal [email protected] Administrator Website
Brian Morgan – Assistant Principal [email protected]
Stacy Howland  [email protected]  Pre-Kindergarten Website
Vicki Holstein [email protected]
Jesse Perry  [email protected]
Jill Jette [email protected] Kindergarten Website
Penny Kennedy [email protected]
JoLynn Salzman [email protected]
Stephanie Seese [email protected]
First Grade
 Katie Byrd
 [email protected]


First Grade Website

Amanda Owens [email protected]
Jill Sheen [email protected]
 Ashley Bagni [email protected]
Second Grade
Peg Daniels [email protected] Second Grade Website
Michelle Frecks [email protected]
 Elizabeth McCall [email protected]
Third Grade
 Cindy Bomar [email protected] Third Grade Website
Jennifer Dalton [email protected]
Natalie Reid [email protected]
Ashley Torrente [email protected]
Jennifer Fitch
[email protected]
Fourth Grade
 Debbie Eatmon [email protected] Fourth Grade Website
Sarah Della Porta [email protected]
Jeanne Clavijo [email protected]
Kaleigh Kessler [email protected]
Fifth Grade
Stephanie Barley [email protected] Fifth Grade Website
Jill Frein [email protected]
April Gregory [email protected] 
Tamara Kennedy [email protected]
Joan Lynch [email protected]
 TBA – Associate Teacher
 ESE & Varying Exceptionalities Instructional Staff
Michelle Campbell
[email protected] ESE Website
Kyla Serrano  [email protected]
Jennifer Smith
[email protected]
Shannon Wine
[email protected]
Camille Carrier – Speech [email protected]
Megan Sypolt – Speech [email protected]
Sheryl Bos  – OT [email protected]
Lauren Walker – OT [email protected]
Ann Losak – PT [email protected]
Amy Brim – Gifted Resource Teacher  [email protected]
Moira Catches – Physical Education [email protected] P.E. Website
Dawn Gravatt – Media & STEM [email protected] Media Website
Lauren Rodriguez – Art
[email protected] Art Website
Christina Shore – Music
[email protected] Music Website
Office Staff
Jeanne Bischoff- Technology Support Specialist [email protected]
Kerry Fodor – Receptionist [email protected]
Vicki Morales – Registrar [email protected] Registration Page
Lee Serino – Bookkeeper
[email protected]
Chantal Thompson – Nurse [email protected] Clinic Website
Mental Health, Academic, and Behavior Support Staff
Rita Andreu – Literacy Coach [email protected]
Mia Azotea – Behavior Specialist [email protected]
Kristen Clearly – District Social Worker [email protected]
Tiffany Ellis – Guidance Clerk
[email protected]
Kristen Howell – School Psychologist [email protected]
Faie Pellegrino – Counselor [email protected]
Dana Camadine [email protected]
Nichole Bridger [email protected]
Renee Jordan
[email protected]
Dori Loyd [email protected]
Ann O’Hara [email protected]
Pamela Mason [email protected]
Sayaka Palomba [email protected]
Carole Taylor
[email protected]
Jess Weeks [email protected]
Michael Wiener [email protected]
Maria Worz [email protected]
Food and Nutrition
Latrecia Williams- Food Service Manager [email protected] Cafe Website
Marge Hoenie [email protected]
Michael Marimpietri [email protected]
Aleks Grisha [email protected]
Alex Hopkins [email protected]  
Natasha Watson [email protected]  
 Claudia Argueta [email protected]
Jerry Blount [email protected]  
Extended Day
Kim LaMondie – Community Service Specialist [email protected] Extended Day Website
Renee Mowlam [email protected]
Monica Alonso [email protected]
Matthew Sage [email protected]