Media Center

Mission Statement:

The goal of Ocean Palms Elementary’s Library Media Program is to empower students and staff to be life-long learners, skillful researchers, responsible users of information technologies, and enthusiastic readers.

Media Center Behavior Policy:

Students are expected to follow all school and classroom rules. We encourage all students to be respectful and responsible while visiting the library and using media center materials.

Media Center Staff:

 Media Specialist: Hilaree Hudson

 Media Assistant: Christine Smith

Check in and Check out Procedures:

  • The OPE library media center operates on a fixed schedule, and students will visit the library during their media resource classes for library lessons and checkout. In addition, students are encouraged to check books in and out before school without a pass and during the school day with a library pass.
  • Students in kindergarten, first, and second grades will be allowed to check out two books at a time. We encourage students to choose one book at an appropriate reading level (a “just right” book) and one book that meets their interests (a “just for fun” book). Please note that kindergarteners will begin by checking out one book as they learn how to navigate and use the library, and will be allowed to check out two books midway through the school year.
  • Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades will be allowed to check out four books at a time. We encourage students to check out at least one chapter book and one nonfiction book each time they visit the library. Students will be challenged to meet different reading goals throughout the school year, and they may use library books to help meet their goals.

    • Kindergarten: 1 book until the midpoint of the school year
    • 1st Grade: 2 books
    • 2nd Grade: 2 books
    • 3rd Grade: 4 books
    • 4th Grade: 4 books
    • 5th Grade: 4 books

  • Library books are checked out for two week periods. They may be renewed if necessary.
  • Check out numbers for books are negotiable by Mrs. Hudson and the classroom teachers such as in the case where a student needs extra materials for homework or class research projects.
  • If a student has any overdue materials, they may not check out additional materials until the overdue item is turned in or renewed. In this case, students will be allowed to check out one book from the honor section until they return their library books. Only one book from the honor section may be borrowed at a time.
  • All payments for lost books are final. Please pay for lost books with exact change or a check to Ocean Palms Elementary. If students pay for lost books and then subsequently find them, they may either keep the books or donate them back to the library.
  • School volunteers can check out books from the school library to be used in their volunteer work. Volunteers can check out ten books at a time for a two week loan period.

Computer Use:

Students may use library computers to search for books, use Edmodo for our SSYRA reading program, and research information. Please remember that:

  • Students may visit the library during class if they have a pass, but that the media computer lab will be in use by the media resource class each period.
  • Students must sign in and out when using the library computers.
  • Students must comply with the school Acceptable Use Policy.

St. Johns County School District Department of Media Services

For more information about media services and the St. Johns County School District, please visit the SJCSD Media Services webpage.

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