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Accreditation Survey

Please take time to click on the link below and fill out this short parent survey.  This is an accreditation year for St. Johns County and it is important that we gather information from all stakeholders.  The survey link will be open until September 30thStaff and students in grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th will complete their surveys at school.  We will also have opportunities for parents to complete surveys at school during parent/teacher conferences and when you are at school volunteering.  The information gathered will be used to make future decisions in our district. 

Click Here To Take the Survey

Palms Post Newsletter

Click on the link above to read about what’s happening at our school.  In every issue you will find a message from Principal Richardson as well as great ideas for getting involved at Ocean Palms.

Fill Out Your Volunteer School Access Form!

In a continuing effort to provide safety and security to our students and staff we ask that you complete a School Access Form if you plan to enter a facility in the St. Johns County School District. Any person passing beyond the front office area must show a valid driver’s license or state identification card.

Did you know that Otters are very social creatures and have been known to live in groups up to 100- called a Raft?  Our Raft is just about ready to float away for an OTTERIFIC year of learning, and adventure!